The Explorer Collective
The Explorer Collective
Pre-Game Calm

Pre-Game Calm

In this episode, I’m sharing a method to become mentally prepared for a game or competition.

Listen to this episode for:

  • inspiring calm

  • improving your focus

  • installing a preparation routine for a competition

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The Explorer Collective
The Explorer Collective
How do I distance myself from the drama? How can I feel calm? Am I ready to fall asleep when my head hits the pillow? How can I become more active, more confident, more engaged and maintain energy throughout the day? If you are ready to explore and let yourself be guided by a part of yourself, this podcast is for you.
The Explorer Collective is a live-session style sophrology podcast covering everything on self-discovery, wellness, stress relief and up levelling mental or physical performance.
Host Inès Yong brings you sophrology exercises that you can practise at home or in the workplace to help you reset and re-energize. She guides you by tapping into your resources and listening to your feelings, and you can find ways that meet your inner needs with the outer world.
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